KBLE India Pvt. Ltd.

A Pune based Private Limited company deals in Men’s & Women’s slippers, flip flop and chappal with Brand name “Windwalker” having it Sales office at New Delhi.

  1. We as an aggregator registered the above brand with Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, & Paytm .
  2. We also help them by listing their more than 65 article with various sizes on above porters with brand name of “Windwalker”.
  3. Our responsibility as aggregator service provider was not only too registered and listing their products on portal but also fulfillment of their products to various portals.
  4. We were also responsible for store the products article wise, size wise with high level of accuracy and safety of stock.

(Photographs of some of the products which are live on Amazon/Snapdeal/Paytm/Flipkart)

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